New study shows support for better Amtrak rail services among Millenials

A new study by the Public Policy Forum asking Millennials in Metropolitan Milwaukee their views on a number of topics shows broad support for more frequent and faster Amtrak service on the Hiawatha Corridor.
The study, released Dec. 11, 2015, revealed that 59 percent of respondents support improvements to the Hiawatha service, with only 12% not supporting improvements.  Among the subset of residents of the City of Milwaukee, support was even stronger for Hiawatha (62% supported improvements) than non-City residents (54% supported).
Millenials (defined as between the ages of 18 and 34) also supported improvements to major highway capacity (72% supported).  To a lesser degree, respondents supported better bike lanes, trails and facilities (52% supported), a downtown Milwaukee streetcar (47% supported), and a faster, more extensive regional bus service (46% supported).
The full study can be downloaded at: