The following text is from the May 15, 2019 TCMC Newsletter by Terry Brown, WisARP Vice-President of Communications.

For those in attendance at the February Town Hall Meetings, or if you caught the video at the WisARP YouTube Channel, you heard about the State of Illinois adding a regional train between Chicago and Carbondale called the Saluki.  Digging into numbers and facts has generated an interesting review.

First, this cannot be an apples-to-apples comparison.  When the Saluki was inaugurated in October 2006, there were already two trains running between Carbondale and Chicago.  There currently is just one train running between the Twin Cities and Chicago.   Upon looking at the numbers you will find evidence to back up what was said about escalating ridership, and you’ll better understand how the 2015 Amtrak report on the second train proposal predicted higher ridership than the first train.

WisARP site TCMC TRAIN Carbondale projections June 27

The rest of the story is available on the PDF file download, including the chart with numbers of the Saluki train.  WisARP continues to encourage members to contact their legislators in Madison to approve funding for the TCMC train, regardless of the budget process at the time you read this story.

Contact Terry Brown at WisARPWisc@gmail.com with additional questions or copies of the TCMC Newsletters.


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