STATIONS NEWSLETTER v4n6 issued October 29

November 11, 2022 – My newsletter number six for the 2022 calendar year is my first installment looking at train stations for the future extension trains running to Green Bay and Madison. This first edition was given out at the WisARP Meeting in Madison on October 29. This newsletter contained four stories. The full copy of each story is contained here in downloadable PDF files.


2 thoughts on “STATIONS NEWSLETTER v4n6 issued October 29

  1. On page 3 of “Green Bay station v4n6” in the paragraph that begins with “One issue that could raise several flags in development is the curved track section just south of West Mason St.” there is mention that Amtrak isn’t likely to approve a station platform on a curve..
    I’m sure the stop in Green Bay would have a lot less passengers than the stop in Vancouver WA.
    There are probably dozens of stations on the Amtrak system that are located on curves.

    • Stations located on curves is true, and dozens are grand-fathered in across the US. But going forward Amtrak has made it clear stations on curves won’t be approved. Could this be due to the up and coming trend of using articulated cars on Intercity passenger trains? (But not long distance trains.)

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